Case Study: Runner Game

Running-Chan! is an AR game. Players control a running character in front of them, and steer her through space in search of coins to collect. The character is sensitive to the ground level of the environment, as well as existing barriers and structures that she has to navigate around.


This AR game is sensitive to the conditions of the environment: the user is disallowed from moving forward with the game in situations such as a red light at a crossing. The app uses the Interactive Object approach. The running character exhibits responsiveness to the buffer zone, jumping back from the buffer and refusing to venture further.

Application of Principles


Initially, the running character merely jumps back from the buffer zone. If the user continues to approach the hazard zone, the character refuses to move with the user, and reacts more dramatically to point out the hazard.


The running character halts a distance away from the street curb, giving the user time and space to become aware of the crossing ahead.

Beyond Visual:

The device vibrates to alert users that the runner has stopped.

Universal Design:

The safety pattern relies on the behavior of the running character, which is easily interpretable by users from different backgrounds.